Connecticut Superior Court, Judicial District of Hartford
Paetzold v. MDC Settlement
X07-H HD-CV-18-6090558-S


UPDATE: By Order of February 4, 2021, the Court granted permission to distribute the Settlement proceeds in accord with the terms of the Settlement Agreement, as follows:

  • Checks will be mailed to former MDC customers on February 12, 2021.

  • Credits to current MDC customers will be made available in full on the next regular billing cycle, occurring no later than March, 2021. In the event the entire credit is not used in the next billing cycle, any remaining credit will continue to be applied to consecutive subsequent billing cycles until depleted.

If a Class Member ceased or ceases to be a customer of the MDC at any time after January 10, 2021 (or if the Settlement Administrator was first notified of such change of status after that date), then any remaining credit will be transferred to the account of the purchaser of that property.

What is this lawsuit about?

A settlement has been proposed in a class action lawsuit pending in the State of Connecticut Superior Court, Complex Litigation Docket of the Judicial District of Hartford. The lawsuit alleges that the Metropolitan District Commission (“MDC”) entered into implied contracts with customers and breached those implied contracts by charging water service customers in four towns (East Granby, Farmington, Glastonbury, and South Windsor) an unlawful surcharge (the “Surcharge”) on these customers’ water bills.

You are included in this lawsuit as a “Class Member” if you are or were the property owner and were charged the Surcharge by the MDC on your water bill in a non-member town from March 6, 2012 through October 1, 2014. Certain sets of individuals are excluded from the definition of the Class and are not Class Members, as explained below. If you did not receive an email or a postcard notifying you of the Settlement but believe that you are a Class Member, please contact the Settlement Administrator.

Excluded from the Class definition at this time are: (1) the MDC, as well as any parent companies, subsidiaries, or affiliated companies of the MDC and any of the MDC’s officers, directors, agents, or employees; (2) the judicial officers to whom this case is assigned and any members of their staffs and immediate families; (3) any heirs, assigns, or successors of any of the persons or entities described in parts (1) and (2) of this paragraph.




Option and Deadline
DO NOTHING; REMAIN IN THE CLASS AND RECEIVE COMPENSATION You do not need to do anything (other than keep your address updated with the Settlement Administrator) to stay in the Class and receive a credit on your MDC account (for Current MDC Customers) or payment (for Former MDC Customers) as detailed in FAQ 8  under “WHAT BENEFITS ARE PROVIDED?”. You will be bound by all orders and judgments of the Court and will release your claims against the MDC related to this lawsuit as described in FAQ 10.

Postmarked by
August 19, 2020

You may elect to remove yourself from this class action by following the steps outlined in FAQ 11 under “EXCLUDING YOURSELF FROM THE CLASS” postmarked by AUGUST 19, 2020. In that event, you will not receive a credit on your MDC account or payment, but you may pursue your own relief or participate in another lawsuit. This is the only option that allows you to be part of any other lawsuit against the MDC about the legal claims in this case.

Postmarked by
August 19, 2020

Object to any aspect of the Settlement, request for attorneys’ fees or request for class representative service award you don’t think is fair, adequate, or reasonable. If you object to any aspect of the Settlement, you must submit a written Objection by AUGUST 19, 2020. See FAQ 15.

Go to a Hearing
September 3, 2020 

Speak to the Court about the Settlement at the Final Approval Hearing as detailed in FAQ 19. If you object to any aspect of the Settlement, you must first submit a written Objection by the Objection Deadline postmarked by AUGUST 19, 2020.

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